Sunday, November 30, 2008

Absolute Boredom..

I'll be home on 5th december..
Can't wait..
I miss my family a lot.. ~luv~luv~luv~
Stuck here in UTM on holiday..
is not really my choice..
hmm... :(


cHoco said...

y r u there on a holiday gURL?

Anonymous said...

at least you will be home soon..
that's good enough i guess..
and with just another semester to go, i really wish i were you...
see, not all of the time the choices are ours, but most of the time, the given choices is for our own good...
all the best my best buddy!
Hope to see you soon...with a scroll in your hand!

Farah Abdullah

arEnA said...

tepakse lepak kat utm cos nak abeskan final year project yg x ciap2 nie...huhuhu..poor me :(

thnxs farah !!
aku pun x sbr2 nak abes blaja..hehehe..

Anonymous said...

haha...sume org pown x sabar nk balik umah...n da same goes to me too...hehe...