Thursday, September 4, 2008

UnTiTle ...

Im a final year student, and now im going through the most difficult part of my life so far. With so many things to get done in a short time, well...Im in h*** !! 3 test in a week, thesis, presentation, and tons of assignments..huh..i feel like my brain is about to " KABOOOMMM" in no time..i know, what should i expect ?? im a student and students is actually must be prepared all the time in any situation..huhuhu.. but its easy to say than to get it done..right ??? ...jap-jap..ape aku merepek nie ??? hahaha..senang citer, aku tengah tension nie.. byk sgt bende nk kene buat sampai tak tahu nk buat yg mane dulu..BAD TIME MANAGEMENT !! that's all i can say..eventho i've been to some seminar and talks about it, but still i'm no good at it..its like dejavu..where same things keep happening over and over again..suppose to be im learning from my past..tapi ntah la, dari dulu sampai sekarang, macam tak ade perubahan jer..haha..that is one of my weaknesses. So, masa tu penting, hidup ni comfirm akan teratur kalo kita pandai manage masa..100% sure!! its not like im saying that my life is a mess..hehehe..ini dinamakan cabaran..cabaran dalam hidup yang menjadikan aku lagi kuat. hahaha..tapi kalo boleh elakkanla dari "cabaran" mcm nie..hehehe.. i stop here!..aku takut jap gi aku sampai tahap membebel...nie pun rase cm dah merapu..huhu

p/s: To my future "man", you must be someone who can manage time better than me. Supaya kite saling melengkapi antara satu same lain.. hahaha..