Monday, July 12, 2010

daLaM haTi aDa TaMan

Dengar berjuta-juta kali pun tak bosan..

- Sealed with kiss by Bobby Vinton
- Slow dancing in a burning room by John Mayer
- Someday i will understand by Britney Spears
- Set the fire to the third bar by Snow Patrol Feat Martha Wainwright
- Kebahagiaan dalam perpisahan by Shahir
- Kiss from a rose by Seal
- Part of the list by Neyo
- Mad world by Adam Lambert
- Lagu Untukmu by Meet Uncle Hussien (Lan)
- Be my lady by Kris Allen
- Ignorance by Paramore
- The Letter by Hoobastank Feat Vanessa Amarossi
- Heartless by Kris Allen
- Better man by Robbie Williams
- Water and flame by Daniel Merriweather Feat Adele
- Like a Star by Corrine Bailey Rae
- Bella Luna by Jason Mraz
- Fire by Baby Face
- Dont forget me by Macy Gray
- Love Hurt by Incubus
- Drive by Incubus
- Pintaku yang terakhir by Dayang Nurfaizah
- Slot akasia by Fabulous Cats
- Landing in landon by 3 Doors Down Feat Bob Seger
- House of wolves by MCR
- Aku bukan orang suci by Element
- Trauma by elite
- Fern dell by Mandy Moore
- Fly by Hillary Duff

Update on 12/7/2010 6.15 pm

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I HaTe BB..

Mau campak jauh-jauh..
I want to let go my BB 8900 for RM500..
(disokong 100% oleh ibunda terchinta walaupun die yg belikan)
sesape tak sengaja baca post ni and beminat,
sgt dialu-alukan..

Nak tunggu Iphone 4G or HTC HD2..

Rindu pada nokia e72 yg baru 2 bulan pakai,
dah hilang dikebas orang !
haram dunia akhirat ko (pencuri yg durjana!!) guna harta ak !!

The Stupidity of Human Life III

Paul The Octopus


World Cup France 1998 - Best World Cup Ever

Jatuh cinta dengan team Croatia mase world cup 1998,
Croatia dapat third place,
Sangat gumbira !!

then player dorunk (Davor Suker) menang Golden Boot,

and one more thing,
Brazil kene belasah 3-0 dgn France time final..

Time ni jugak la tragedy strike England team,
bile David Beckham kena red card tyme match ngn Argentina..
Sian Beckham..

and Michael Owen jd youngest player ever scored
in WC history (during that time la, now got no clue)..
Tengok matches pon x penah missed,
so dapat full experience..
For World Cup South Africa 2010 terbantut sikit sebab kerja..
lagipun team yang dibangga-banggakan x leh diharap,
so tgk besa-besa je.. :(

Congrates to Spain's Fan,
Berbanggalah anda selagi boleh,
selagi spain x mengikut jejak langkah 
Italy and France..

For the next World Cup 2014,
team underdog leh pegi jauh, 
team AS or South Korea,
contohilah my beloved croatia in WC 1998..

p/s: cepat-cepat la goreng si sotong tu before wc 2014.. =P

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Life After UTM..

 Technical Support Executive 's Training
Venue: Menara TM, Vads Berhad and Plaza Pantai
Date: 8/2/2010 - present
Batch 163
Trainer: Mr.Amir Rahimi Rahim

 Kerani Akaun
Tempat: Anjung (Jas Maju Sdn. Bhd), Serdang
Tarikh: Jan - Feb 2010

Aku Hampa..

Rooney was injured..
Manchester United out of champions league..
Chelsea are winning..
Man Utd keep on falling..
Failed my ' on job training ' ..
Unlucky April..

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Quite day for me..

Got nothing to tell..

Im bored..

Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Life Updated..

Dah habis degree,
and buat sementara waktu ni,
tak de hati nak sambung belajar lagi..

I got my first job on 17-1-10,
as a clerk at a small company at Serdang.
Didn't have a choice,
I hv been unemployed since Jun 2009,
so i need a job so badly and happy with RM800 per month only..

Dah keje 2 minngu, suddenly i received a text from wawa about
a job interview for TM streamyx at Damansara..
I went there the next day and got accepted immediately..
I went straight to Serdang to hands on my resignation letter.
The company said that they would not paid me because i gave 24 hour notice instead of 2 weeks notice.
Actually its their fault because when i got accepted there,
i didnt sign any kind of aggreement..bak kata org melayu..tak ade hitam putih.

Saman baru tau !!

But Im happy enough bcos i will be at Semua House, KL this Monday (8-2-10)
for my new job..
Gaji pun better than my previous job which i worked for free for 2 weeks..
at least i got some experience.. :)