Saturday, October 25, 2008

i'm NOT ObsEsSing...

I'm listening to rock most of the time, so i'm not easily interested in boyband stuff. But, i dont know why, somehow i love SUPER JUNIOR !!..especially kim hee chul. His attitude make my heart melts!! he is super hot, super cute, super hilarious, super funny, super freak and super annoying..


Mickey is a gift from my grandfather to adeella..

This is our fifth pets..
The first one was a rabbit and the second one was cats named 'Cici', 'Lala' and 'Strawberry'..
But, it was 5 years ago..
When me and aisha still in school..
but now we are away most of the time..
so, its deela's turn to have her own pet..
tak sabar rasenye nk belasah mickey..hihihi..
hopefully, mickey is still alive when i get back home on 'hari raya haji'..

Thursday, October 23, 2008

ThE StuPidiTy oF HuMan LiFe

Datukship to Shah Rukh Khan ???

What the h*** !! What was his contribution to the country until "they" decide to give him that title ??? All i know that, he only shot some film here. Did his action helps to increase the tourism economy of the country ?? maybe it helps to promote Malaysia to others but it just a coincidence. To be the primary factor that contribute to Malaysia economy, i would say totally NO!. Even standard six's students know that this is b***s***. Why dont they give Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta Jones the title too, they also hv done some filming here ??..Thousand of Malaysian have the right to that title, all "they" need to do is search for the right one.

No matter what "their" reason is, it still doesn't make any sense and this would give all Malaysian something to laughing at in a years to come.