Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It was a gloomy day in UTM, not so many people came to visit ' pesta konvo ' . this was the fourth day and its kept raining in the evening. its not the best condition to make a good bussiness and i was around from 2.00 pm until 11.00 pm. lots of sellers were just sitting around, nothing much to do cause usually customers will come at night.most students got classes and other people were at work, so nothing much going on at the carnival. altho there were so many activity were planed but some of it has to be canceled due to the bad wheather. huh..i was stucked twice in one of the stall when rains started to pour.

when nite arrived, its like a big party with lights all around the place. i didn't managed to captured the closer look of the carnival due to some technical problem but i did tried to take the best pic. this pic was taken around 2.00 am on my way back to hostel.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

i want to be a kid again !!

when we were kids, we didnt had much things to take care of. no need to pay for a food, no need to think about laundrys, no need to be friendly to other (cause when kids being cruel people will say " they just a kid" and that's it !), we can go to kingdergarden, do stuff that simple and common to kid such as drawing and coloring then go back home and sleep without having a nightmare that we're gonna be failing in a exam. those days were amazing where no one hates us (maybe), and we dont have to feel the same to other. its easy to say that back to that time, there are no word like RESPONSIBILITIES keep poping in our head. but in present, we have to be reponsible to so many things especially when we are human being that called ADULT ! . decision must be made on our own and its a very tough responsibility because there will be consiquences happen based on the decision whether it is good or bad. i dont like making decision, but i will be happy if my decision turns out to be great, but when it doesn't, i can feel that some people will be blaiming me about what happen. and that kinda suck!!!. recently, i made a terrible mistake in my group project. well i think it is not an unusual things to do because people make mistake but one thing that i really regret that i did it at a wrong time. we suppose to hand it to our lecturer next week but untill now the report cannot be written because we dont have the result yet. by the look at the face of my other group member, i can tell that they are still mad at me for what i've done. i dont know how i want to apologize to them, i did tried but nothings change. this is the worst mistake i've done so far and i dont want anything like it to happen ever again in my life. its so stressfull to be in this situation.

Friday, March 7, 2008

chemistry project

recently, i've been busy doing my science project which carry half of my final mark (amali jer..). it is about the determination of calcium and iron in four different milk sample (high calcium, low calcium, UHT milk, and fresh milk) using two instrument to analyze the sample (flame atomic absorption spectrometer and ultraviolet visible spectrometer). seriously, with my full class schedule plus my cocuriculum activities, i've got no time to relax !!!...im not good at time management so, sometime i m late to classes because im overslept, ...hahaha..hope this project will be successfull,getting the best possible result and then i can be proud of myselve with what i've done.
Above is the photo of the milk sample being used, on the left is the sample preparation, and on the right is the method used to digest the milk by heating with additional of acid nitric concentrated.
someday, i really like to post the final result of my project here.

sony ericsson w660i

i bought it last month at a reasonable price...i like the color and design at the back of the phone, it so classy and cool !! all my previous phones used to be black color, so i think it would be fun to switch to a new environment. i've been using motorola and samsung (rarz and z-150), but i like this phone the most. this phone has 4 color if im not mistaken, which are black, indigo, white and dark red. and i choose dark red!!