Friday, August 1, 2008

Why Man Utd ????

The very first time i start to actually like manchester united was when i was in form 2.. My english teacher asked me and others to do some scrap book about famous people (if im not mistaken)..i got no idea, some of my friends wrote about prime minister, musician, actor and politician but no one really interested in sportsman. So i took the opportunity immediately!

Due to the limited of resource (no internet! 'and i hv no idea what friendster was' ), i could only searched things in the newspaper. the first thing that i saw was david beckham's pic. Goooooood looking, hansome, sexy, whatelse??????? word to describe him " PERFECT". I'm so in love with him. Then i decided to wrote about him for my english assignment.

My work turned out to be one of the best in class. Haha..really worth it !! so my teachers put the scrap book in the library for a while. Few weeks later, i went there to get it, but sadly....the book was gone !!..poor me... :(

From that moment, i started to buy any magazines that has beckham's pic in it. Slowly i started to love football and man utd..thanks to david beckham..hehehe..

Many years has gone...beckham no longer with man utd but im still man utd DIE HARD FAN !!
Man utd still standing strong eventho without beckham and beckham continue to be the greatest player ever even with other football club. I LOVE BOTH BECKHAM AND MAN UTD !!

Q: Why Man Utd ???
A: Because of David Beckham!

DAMN HOT !!!!!!!!!!

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