Sunday, August 3, 2008

TV Series Collection

Last friday baru je order Grey's Anatomy season 4..

Saje nak buat collection..

Plus it is one of my fave show..

so, i guess x rugi spend some money on it..


eee..x sbrnyer nak tgk season 4..

with many new casts and conflicts..

Dr Burke dah x de, then george kene repeat internship,

and dgn kehadirn meredith nye adik tiri..

but..i will be missing watak Derek's EX-WIFE...

my FavE of all !!

but congrates to her cause dapat jadi leading lady in Private Practice..

papepun...DVD tue arrive this tuesday..

CaN't WaiT !!!

yang ade dalam genggaman :-

CHARMED - season 1 until season 5

GREY'S ANATOMY - season 1 until season 4


azie said...

huh,waiting 4 season 4 ye??when will i get to watch the season 3 pnye?dh xlarat aku nk mintk...the story was hanging on the cloud 4 me(the ending of season 2) u know...

arEnA said...

br je abes tgk season 4..
x bp happenng..its not like wat i expected ..season 2 and 3 lagi best !!

azie said...

wait till i watch it(season 4)..but season 3 seems like a breakdown to every charcters...ended up with,i dunno,frustrations..huhu.