Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Life Updated..

Dah habis degree,
and buat sementara waktu ni,
tak de hati nak sambung belajar lagi..

I got my first job on 17-1-10,
as a clerk at a small company at Serdang.
Didn't have a choice,
I hv been unemployed since Jun 2009,
so i need a job so badly and happy with RM800 per month only..

Dah keje 2 minngu, suddenly i received a text from wawa about
a job interview for TM streamyx at Damansara..
I went there the next day and got accepted immediately..
I went straight to Serdang to hands on my resignation letter.
The company said that they would not paid me because i gave 24 hour notice instead of 2 weeks notice.
Actually its their fault because when i got accepted there,
i didnt sign any kind of aggreement..bak kata org melayu..tak ade hitam putih.

Saman baru tau !!

But Im happy enough bcos i will be at Semua House, KL this Monday (8-2-10)
for my new job..
Gaji pun better than my previous job which i worked for free for 2 weeks..
at least i got some experience.. :)


Anonymous said...

glad to hear that!
this time don't forget to ask about your surat 'hitam-putih'.
anyway keje kat TM as?

IMU babe..

arEnA said...

technical support..

Anonymous said...