Saturday, January 31, 2009

Im a Football Crazeeeeeeee...

Sedih..bila balik aritu x dapat tgk bola man utd vs spurs. Tekejut pun ade bile tukar channel 812..the screen turned black !!..byk gak channel dah x de ( no HBO ??.mati kebosanan la aku asyik tgk tom tom bak jerr).Forgot to asked my father about assuming that he want to avoid "pembaziran" father not interested in sports except the only one that love football plus.. im, bye2 espn!..
Channel disney pun x de..poor more totally spice..haha..lagi pun dia dah masuk darjah satu, pegi skolah pagi, balik petang , malam tido..x de mase pon nk tgk pelik tu..MTV and [V] ade plak..hahaha..ok la tu kan??

Back to football talk..
tonight, Chelsea and Liverpool akan berentap untuk merapatkan gap dengan Man Utd.
I'm feeling that they only fight for the second place because looking to the way man u are playing, i feel like they will be on top for the rest of the season and then being crown as THE ENGLISH CHAMPIONS !!..x dapat ku bayangkan liverpool jd champ..they just can't be the one..they have quality but no consistency..diorang boleh menang UEFA C.L tp bukan the last six matches, most of the result were draw. So, stop dreaming liverpool fans!..hahaha..

kalo bukan man utd yg menang..chelsea is the most suitable candidate to win. But dont forget Aston Villa..the underdog for this season. Under Martin O'neill, they really do well. aku lagi prefer A. Villa menang dr liverpool and chelsea but its hard to see the impossible happens in football. Papepun, best of luck to them.

Now..Man Utd is leading Everton by 1 goal to 0.
(live straming at
Keep up the excellant work!
For the later match between liverpool and chelsea..i'll be happy if it end up with a draw..hehehe.. :p

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Mohd Al-Hafidz Mohd Lokman said...

jap lg aRsenal akn klhkn man u.. muhahahahaha...

Remember the past....
no offences erk..hehehe