Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Baru kejap tadi, dalam pukul 11.oo pagi aku habis jawab paper Principle of Marketing. Ni paper ketiga lepas paper BI and Coordination Chemistry. Bagi aku, walaupun objektif ada gak la soalan yang menyebabkan aku menggunakan alternatif kedua...TEMBAK (guna M-16 tau)!!..hehe..harap-harap kene la sasarannye..

Then, sekarang ni just tinggal 2 paper lagi. Analytical Chem II and Chem Industrial Process pada 28 and 30 haribulan 4. lepatue...yay!!! cuti!! aku ada masa 5 hari untuk prepare myself before practical start.So, im a bit worry. I will undergo my internship program at Natural Welness Industries Sdn Bhd, Cheras Selangor.

Natural Wellness Industries Sdn Bhd is Malaysia’s fastest growing nutraceutical and cosmeceutical company.They produce a comprehensive range of natural products made from the finest organic and best quality extracted medicinal ingredients. Their production facility is ISO 9000, MS 1500 and MS 1900. certified.

Can't wait for that day but at the same time, i feel nervous and scare. Just like the feeling i;ve got when i talked in front a bunch of people. i got nervous, shackky and my face will turn white everytime i need to perform a presentation in front of classes.No matter how hard i try to be calmed, it still wont stop!.. i was frustrated sometimes.but i guess, its a nature. just a normal things happen to a normal people like me.

aku berharap sangat pada hari pertama aku practical nanti, semuanya berjalan dengan lancar. Boleh la aku bagi first impression yang baik kat dorang.

p/s: wish me luck k!!


Choco-mania said...

good luck!
awak amik chem..majoring in what?
akak dulu civil..grad 2006

Anonymous said...

good luck!!
nervous is good actually...
it makes you well-prepared rather than feeling over-confident...
wow, cosmetical huh?
seems like your skin will be more gebu after this...haha

Anonymous said...

ops, sorry coz i forgot to put my name up there...
-farah yg kiut-

arEnA said...

wahai farah yg kiut..uwekkks!
nanti aku bagi ko free sample..
jom kite jadi gebu sesame!!