Friday, March 7, 2008

chemistry project

recently, i've been busy doing my science project which carry half of my final mark (amali jer..). it is about the determination of calcium and iron in four different milk sample (high calcium, low calcium, UHT milk, and fresh milk) using two instrument to analyze the sample (flame atomic absorption spectrometer and ultraviolet visible spectrometer). seriously, with my full class schedule plus my cocuriculum activities, i've got no time to relax !!! not good at time management so, sometime i m late to classes because im overslept, ...hahaha..hope this project will be successfull,getting the best possible result and then i can be proud of myselve with what i've done.
Above is the photo of the milk sample being used, on the left is the sample preparation, and on the right is the method used to digest the milk by heating with additional of acid nitric concentrated.
someday, i really like to post the final result of my project here.

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